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Invibloc range


Invisible and multiposition, INVIBLOC is an accessory that locks your open swinging shutter onto the facade. Its invisibility makes it the ideal partner to preserve the aesthetics of the shutter and the facade.

Product advantages

Preserves the aesthetics of the shutter and the facade. Reduced number of references to stock. Easy installation.

Informations techniques


Installs on the facade behind the shutter. Spring return. Composite locking housing (wall part) with stainless steel components. Stainless steel screw head (panel part). Drilling hole for the panel part: Ø10 mm. Reversible fixed part for surface mounting: left or right horizontally or vertically. Panel part to be recessed with adjustable clamping screw between 24 and 40 mm. Installation aid through marking. Clip-on slotted shims to manage different hinge offsets. Pull-out resistance: 80 kg.
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