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Screw-in gate stop


Our range of screw-on brackets is divided into 3 types. Turnstile: locking and unlocking of the leaves by operating the turnstile with the foot, for leaves with a thickness of 25 to 80 mm. Reduced fixing spacing, thinned sole with slope in case of gate sagging. Access to turnstile adjustment via screw (independently of the screw for fixing to the ground). Shock absorber pads and polyamide plate on the turnstile to protect the gate. Possibility of using one or two 5 mm thick shims to raise the bracket. Automatic: automatic closing gate bracket, unlocking of the leaf by operating the lever with the foot. Shock absorber pads. Three fixing points. Adjustable to fit the thickness of the leaves. Compliant with the paragraph on protection against unintentional and uncontrolled movements of standard NF EN13241-1. Simple: to be used for a motorized gate.

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Aesthetic Reversible Robust

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