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GK lock


The GK mortise lock offers durable and pleasant use. It is reversible and adapts to the opening direction of the gate or gate. Its different axes are easily identifiable by different colored spacers.

Product advantages

Quality materials and easy identification Reduced number of references to stock Adjustable latch with non-loseable buffer

Informations techniques


Latch operation by handle (7mm or 8mm square). Internal and external locking with key (double cylinder). Brushed stainless steel or lacquered faceplate. Optimized latch shape for better closure and greater robustness. Opening possible with key return function. Several variants of axes at 29, 40, 50, 72, and 83. GK2 evolutions: Dimensional evolution of the faceplate. Evolution of the lock fixing spacings in the profile. This lock can be inserted in place of the locks currently available on the market.
  • EME00034028-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_encastre_en_situation_1.jpg
  • EME00034096-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_encastre_en_situation_2.jpg
  • EME00034029-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_encastre_en_situation_3.jpg
  • EME00034030-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_encastre_en_situation_4.jpg
  • EME00034031-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_et_levant_encastre_en_situation_5.jpg
  • EME00034032-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_encastre_et_retrait_en_situation_6.jpg
  • EME00034033-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_encastre_8.jpg
  • EME00034094-serrure_GK_gamme_complete_en_situation_9.jpg

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