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GK lock


The recessed GK lock offers durable and pleasant use. It is reversible and adapts to the opening direction of the gate or gate.

Product advantages

Maximum robustness Reversible Comfortable closing Optimized space requirement

Informations techniques


The zamak bolt is adjustable by 15 mm thanks to a locking screw and a micrometric screw. The composite bolt is adjustable by 10 mm thanks to a micrometric screw. The lock is reversible both in terms of installation direction (right or left) and opening direction (interior or exterior). Suitable for use with an electric strike plate (free bolt).
  • EME00034052-serrure_GK_pene_levant_retrait_en_situation_1.jpg
  • EME00034099-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_retrait_en_situation_2.jpg
  • EME00034053-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_retrait_en_situation_3.jpg
  • EME00034098-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_retrait_en_situation_4.jpg
  • EME00034055-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_encastre_et_retrait_en_situation_6.jpg
  • EME00034056-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_encastre_et_retrait_en_situation_7.jpg
  • EME00034057-serrure_GK_pene_rentrant_retrait_en_situation_8.jpg
  • EME00034101-serrure_GK_gamme_complete_en_situation_9.jpg