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Oxyloc cylinder lock


Certified NF EN 1670 for grade 5, this cylinder offers exceptionally high resistance to corrosion. Its wide range of 16 lengths provides a choice of cylinder suitable for the thickness of your openings, allowing for different installation scenarios on multiple supports. Composed of 6 pins with horizontal key insertion, it limits break-ins and increases security. The width of its key provides better grip for more comfortable use.

Product advantages

Sustainable use Multiple solutions depending on installation cases Increased security Ease of use

Informations techniques

Calculation method for choosing your cylinder

L2 = 10 for single cylinder (key on one side) L2 = 30 / 35 or 40 for double nickel-plated brass cylinder S = lock thickness / 2 Pr = profile thickness Pl = board thickness Ep = cleanliness plate thickness
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