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Multiéverso composite range


Multireverso is a range of 2 or 3-point reversible locks for surface mounting on all types of supports. It can be installed with visible rods or covered with its complete casing for a neat aesthetic and easy integration on your openings (garage doors, shutters…).

Product advantages

1/4 turn operation (the handle remains in position) Composite housing Reversible Rod and casing can be cut to length

Informations techniques


The locking can be done with a key from the outside or inside (double cylinder) or with a button from the inside (half cylinder). The operation can be done from both sides, with a single or double handle. 7 mm star-shaped spindle square for positioning the operating mechanism at 90° or 45°. 20 mm stroke in a quarter turn of the handle. Straight or bent connection sleeves for mounting offset rods (for example, for bar and scarf shutters). Removable horizontal third point in stainless steel, with a 20 mm (short third point) or 77 mm (long third point) extension length. Width dimensions of the assembly optimized to meet the majority of installation cases.
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  • EME00031429-WG592010-avec-et-sans-carenage.jpg