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Pentoor range


PENTOOR is an accessory that allows you to open your gate when it is installed on a positive slope. Its design allows the gate to follow the slope with the same percentage of inclination.

Product advantages

Reduced machining and integration time. Streamlined shape that adapts to market gates. Easy product assembly on the frame and on the construction site.

Informations techniques


Machining and assembly forms of inserts facilitated in profiles. Adaptable to all aluminum and PVC profiles on the market (excluding visible frames). The gate is manufactured according to the slope (5 to 15%) measured by the surveyor on site. Reduced number of components to be assembled on site. Optimized packaging and detailed instructions: bag for industrial components and box for on-site delivery. Adjustment washer allowing to adjust the position of the hinge on both axes (X, Y). Shims allowing to adjust the hinge according to the quality of the pillar surfaces. Circlips allowing to adjust functional clearances. Anti-lifting. Compact and paintable design, discreet fixing screws. Made of stainless steel.
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