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Omnia range


OMNiiA lever is a surface-mounted closing system. Its function is to lock one of the swinging parts of an opening if a wider access is desired. Forget about meters and other measuring tools! OMNiiA lever comes with a template that includes all the elements for an easy and successful installation.

Product advantages

Easy and adjustable installation Durable use Elegant designs

Informations techniques


1 composite template that includes: • 2 adjustment tabs • 1 depth gauge • 3 shims for the top latch: thickness 3, 4 or 5 mm • 2 shims for the rods • 4 screw covers Number of cycles: 100,000. Made of aluminum. Handle with intricate design. Sliders with composite rings. Position indicators (red/green). Rod stroke: 23 mm. Standard rod lengths: 1250 or 2500 mm.
  • IME00033769-gamme_cremone_pompier_OMNiiA_en_situation_1.jpg
  • IME00033770-gamme_cremone_pompier_OMNiiA_en_situation_4.jpg
  • IME00033771-gamme_cremone_pompier_OMNiiA_en_situation_5-scaled.jpg
  • IME00033772-gamme_cremone_pompier_OMNiiA_en_situation_6.jpg
  • IME00033773-gamme_cremone_pompier_OMNiiA_en_situation_7.jpg
  • IME00033774-gamme_cremone_pompier_OMNiiA_en_situation_8.jpg
  • IME00033775-gamme_cremone_pompier_OMNiiA_en_situation_9.jpg
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  • IME00033777-gamme_cremone_pompier_OMNiiA_en_situation_11.jpg
  • IME00033778-gamme_cremone_pompier_OMNiiA_en_situation_12.jpg