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Multifix hinges


This stainless steel and adjustable opening system allows for standard openings for all types of gates. Very rigid, the different models are available with Ø12 and Ø14 axes of lengths 25, 35 or 43 mm. Different pivot adjustment lengths are possible (35 to 60 mm, 35 to 70 mm, 45 to 80 mm), thus offering the possibility to meet the NF EN12604 standard in a large number of cases (25 mm between the gate post and the pillar). Three types of fixings are possible: by screws (Multifix L, Multifix T, Multifix 3 base).

Product advantages

Stainless Steel Sturdy

Informations techniques


Raw or powder-coated copper-aluminium plate and bracket. Available in multiple RAL colors.
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