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Mechanical assembly systems for profiles – Evolution


Easy and quick assembly when assembling aluminum frames using 50×30 tubular profiles or 80×40 and 50×40 clip-on profiles. The junctions between the parts and profiles are made by sliding the two half-brackets onto each other. This patented system allows the insert to stop in front of the half-bracket to facilitate assembly. The unique and patented design of the half-bracket allows for easy and effortless insertion of the profile onto it. After assembling the upright and crossbar, the assembly is very strong and invisible. The preparation of the aluminum tubes is very simple (straight cuts/drilling) and will save you time when assembling your standard or custom aluminum frames. A wide range of accessories has been developed to ensure a neat and aesthetic work.

Product advantages

Simple Rigid Aesthetic Removable

Informations techniques

To be used with: – Smooth or drilled polyamide Evolution 50×30 end cap – PVC Evolution plug Can also be used with: – Smooth or drilled polyamide 50×30 and 50×40 end caps – Aluminum 50×30 end cap with ring Attention: In this case, the minimum x dimension to be respected is 35 mm.
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